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Life in Tehran


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Nothing in the world can bother you as much as your own mind, I tell you. In fact, others seem to be bothering you, but it is not others, it is your own mind.
When somebody makes you laugh when you’re sad, that’s the most enjoyable laugh you’ll ever experience.


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Growing up in Afghanistan, the biggest thing we craved as a female youth was independence and education- but instead we got death or marriage. Your generation has the education and independence they need to thrive, but their thirst for marriage makes them take it for granted. Never give men importance. Conquer your youth and stay true to becoming the woman you want to be- because you don’t need a man to do so.


You’re on your own. It’s only you. You can only achieve what you desire. Nobody will help you make your dreams come true. You’re out here by yourself.

nice friend person:hey, how've you been?
me:capitalism is crushing me. i am barely surviving. i am full of toxic resentment. i want revenge.